Austerity and Inequality: A threat to peace?

Synopsis: As those directly affected are well aware austerity has been biting in Northern Ireland for years. The cuts and spending plans of the new UK government and the ‘finance and welfare’ changes envisaged in their earlier brokered Stormont House Agreement plan however to take austerity to new levels and have already destabilised the political institutions at Stormont.

As elsewhere austerity almost always exacerbates inequalities and poverty. Within a divided and post conflict society however such impacts carry additional risks. Elements of the peace agreements to date from the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement on also included provisions and frameworks whose objective was to move away from historic patterns of inequality and disadvantage. Yet austerity now threatens to put what progress has been achieved into reverse.

This one day conference explored perspectives on the impacts of austerity from home and abroad; and will seek to address the question of the immediate and long term impacts of austerity on inequality in Northern Ireland.

Austerity and Inequality: ‘A Threat to Peace?’ Conference Report 2015

 Northern visions covered both our Stormont House Agreement Austerity and Inequality events in April 2015 and Oct 2015 

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