Below you’ll find a comprehensive library of the Equality Coalition’s reports, submissions and other publications. These documents are produced in collaboration with our members.


Stormont’s vetoes in the context of a pandemic – An Equality Coalition briefing note
Published November 2020

In 2019, our Manifesto for a Rights Based Return to Power Sharing called for a new agreement to remove those political vetoes within the NI Executive that are not based on (and have conflicted with) equality and rights duties, and as such contributed to the destabilisation and collapse of the NI Executive in 2017. The issue returned to prominence in November 2020 with the DUP twice using the ‘St Andrews Veto’ to block the extension of public health measures proposed by the Health Minister to contain the pandemic, which were supported by all other parties. In response, the Equality Coalition has produced a briefing note setting out the human rights implications of the veto being used in this way.

Written Evidence to the NI Assembly Ad Hoc Committee on the Bill of Rights from the Equality Coalition Co-Conveners
Published October 2020

A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland was first promised in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, but progress towards its development has repeatedly stalled. The establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Bill of Rights at Stormont represents a fresh attempt to move things forward. On 22 October 2020, the Co-Conveners of the Equality Coalition (CAJ and UNISON) gave a briefing to the Ad Hoc Committee in support of the Bill of Rights. You can download the written evidence we provided to Committee members here. Minutes from the session are also available online.

Equality Proofing the Return to School – Briefing Paper 
Published September 2020 

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far reaching impacts on all aspects of NI society, not least education, with most pupils being withdrawn from school for five months due to the strict lockdown period and the subsequent summer break. As staff and students begin the new school term, we must ensure that their return to school is carried out in a way that is safe for everyone, with all decisions subjected to appropriate Section 75 assessment processes to ensure they promote equality of opportunity. 

The Equality Coalition’s Education Sub-Group has put together a briefing paper to highlight to decision makers how to ‘equality proof’ the return to school. Download it here

Sectarianism: The Key Facts
Published February 2020

Commissioned by the Equality Coalition, independent researcher Dr Robbie McVeigh has authored a piece of research on contemporary sectarianism in Northern Ireland. Across 50 pages, Sectarianism: The Key Facts looks at ‘institutional sectarianism’ in NI – especially where there is evidence of sectarianism in decision-making.

The full report can be downloaded via this link.

Defining Public Duties to Tackle Incitement to Hatred whilst Respecting Freedom of Expression: Reviewing the Legal & Policy Framework – Conference Report
Published October 2019

A one-day conference was held on 13 October 2017 to explore, from a human rights perspective, when public authorities can or must act against speech and cultural expression in order to protect the rights of others. The event was organised by the Equality Coalition, with support from the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice. It was comprised of presentations, panel discussions and a series of afternoon workshops, all exploring different themes related to the legal framework (both local and international) on countering incitement to hatred.

From the proceedings of this conference, a comprehensive 90 page report has been published. Download it here.

Post-Brexit Citizenship Status: Divided by the Rules? – Conference Report
Published June 2019

In March 2019, the Equality Coalition, in partnership with BrexitLawNI, held a major conference on ‘Post-Brexit Citizenship Status: Divided by the Rules?’ in the Moot Court Room at Queen’s University Belfast. Featuring expert practioner and political panels, the conference explored how Brexit will transform the citizenship landscape in Northern Ireland and could lead to hardened entitlement boundaries between different groups of citizens here.

A 60 page report has been produced from the proceedings of the conference. You can download a digital version of the report here. Hard copies are available upon request by emailing or calling 028 9031 6000.

Response to consultation on ECNI’s complaints and investigation procedures
Published May 2019

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) has been reviewing and revising the procedures related to its enforcement (investigation) powers. These powers enable ECNI to investigate public bodies that fail to comply with their Section 75 duties. In March 2019, ECNI launched a public consultation on its (draft) ‘Revised Policy and Procedures for Complaints and Investigations’. The Equality Coalition responded to this consultation with a detailed written submission, which raises several issues that we strongly urge ECNI to rectify.

Submission available for download here.

Manifesto for a Rights Based Return to Power Sharing
Published April 2019

More than two years have elapsed since the devolved power sharing institutions provided for under the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) collapsed in Northern Ireland. Additionally, many of the rights based commitments of the peace settlement, including those originally designed as to act as safeguards on the NI Executive and Assembly, remain unimplemented or have been misimplemented. Fresh cross-party talks to restore power sharing have been announced for May 2019. However, there is little point in restoring the institutions only for them to fail to deliver and collapse again for the same reasons. Conscious of this, the Equality Coalition has developed a ‘Manifesto for a Rights Based Return to Power Sharing’.

Follow this link to download the manifesto. An Irish language version has also been published, with help from Conradh na Gaeilge. A larger font version in either language is available upon request – email or call 028 9031 6000.

Incitement to Hatred in Northern Ireland – Research Report by Dr Robbie McVeigh for the Equality Coalition
Published April 2018

Independent researcher Dr Robbie McVeigh was commissioned by the Equality Coalition to explore incitement to hatred in the Northern Ireland context. There is copious evidence of hatred in NI – particularly racism, sectarianism and homophobia – which sometimes manifests itself in instances of ‘hate crime’. Moreover, there is ample evidence of incitement to hatred as it is characterised in international human rights standards. Dr McVeigh’s report examines the scale of the current problem, as well as how effectively it is being dealt with by public authorities and the justice system.

Download the report here.


Equal to the Task? Investigative powers and effective enforcement of the ‘Section 75’ equality duty – an Equality Coalition Research Report
Published January 2018

Download executive summary

Download full report

Meeting Objective Need: Towards an Anti Poverty Strategy for Northern Ireland – Conference Report
Published March 2017

Download conference report

Equality Coalition Recent Achievements Booklet 2015/16
Published January 2017

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Generic submission to draft equality schemes out for consultation in 2016-17
Published September 2016

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A Fresh Start for Equality? The Equality Impacts of the Stormont House Agreement on the Two Main Communities – an Action Research Intervention
Published March 2016

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Equality Coalition Recent Achievements Booklet 2014/15
Published January 2016

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Equality Coalition Effective Consultation Guidance
Published 2016

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Austerity and Inequality: ‘A Threat to Peace?’ – Conference Report
Published December 2015

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Equality Coalition response to the OFMDFM Childcare Strategy Consultation
Published November 2015

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Key Points arising from the Austerity and Inequality Conference
Published November 2015

Download conference key points

Equality Coalition response to the OFMDFM Consultation on Proposals to Extend Age Discrimination Legislation (Age Goods, Facilities and Services)
Published August 2015

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Equality Coalition submission to DUP Conscience Clause Consultation
Published February 2015

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Equality Coalition submission to DOJ Consultation on the Criminal Law on Abortion
Published January 2015

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Equality Coalition submission on the NI Executive draft Budget 2015/16
Published December 2014

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Expert Paper on Good Relations in Northern Ireland
Published October 2014

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Equality Coalition submission to the (newly formed) 11 district councils on their draft Equality Schemes
Published September 2014

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Expert Paper on Sectarianism in Northern Ireland
Published April 2014

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Equality Coalition EQIA on Welfare Reform
Published April 2014

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Equality Coalition submission to DHSSPS on Transforming Your Care
Published January 2013

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Submission to the Ad Hoc Committee on Conformity with Equality Requirements
Published December 2012

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